The swedish society for nature conservation
on Gotland

The regional group on Gotland of The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) works for protection of nature and environment. We educate and influence decionmakers, participate in debates, influence and shape public opinion, arrange public field trips and guided nature tours, invites lecturers and much more. We also publish a journal (in Swedish) focusing on the environment and nature on Gotland (Natur på Gotland). The main aim of all activities is to provide a message of a sustainable society where nature is preserved for coming generations.

If you want to help in the efforts to preserve and protect the environment so that the next generation also can enjoy places such as the magical island of Gotland, get involved and become a member of SSNC and the regional group on Gotland. Click here to join directly online. If you live on Gotland you will become a memeber in our regional group automatically. If you don't live here, you have to change you regional group to Gotland to be able to support our regional work and to get our journmal.

Left to right: Campainboat on a mission to save the Baltic Sea, members on a field trip on a sunny day and members on a field trip on a misty day.